Kelly watches the ‘Alien’ movies

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been watching the four ‘Alien’ movies starring Sigourney Weaver. They’re all streaming on HBO and we had a couple rainy Sundays in quarantine, so I figured why not. Sci-fi is right up my alley and I’d been wanting to watch them for a while anyway, so I dove right in. The setting and basic story line is consistent through all four movies: they’re set in space aboard some sort […]

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Six shows to binge watch while you’re stuck at home

We’re on day two of our two week stay at home order and with rain in the forecast this weekend, the outside projects that have been keeping me busy and sane will just have to wait. I’ve been re-watching ER and iZombie, but am about to finish up the latter, so I’m definitely on the hunt for something new to watch soon. Here are a few shows I’d recommend for binge watching to anyone searching […]

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Kelly Watches ‘The Goonies’

Back in January, I started a blog series where I watch a classic movie that everyone seems to have seen except for me. My first movie was “Top Gun” and today I’m taking on the childhood favorite, “The Goonies.” Released in 1985, the movie follows a group of friends on a treasure hunting adventure in a quest to find enough money so one of the boys in the group doesn’t have to move. Things go […]

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Library Card Catalog DIY

Owning a library card catalog has been one of those dreams I’ve had ever since I can remember. The library system I work for sold their four remaining units several years ago to staff, but names got picked out of a hat and sadly, mine wasn’t one of those. If you’ve never gone hunting for one, you’d probably be surprised to find out that they go for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars depending on […]

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Kelly Watches Top Gun

There are so many movies that I’ve never watched that everyone else has and when it comes up in conversation that I’ve never seen ______, I always astound people with my response. A few days ago, I decided to bring Top Gun home from the library because there’s a new installment coming out this summer that looks good and I figured I needed to see the original before watching any sort of sequel. I posted […]

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