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Boston Food Review

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We did a lot of eating in Boston! Of course we had the staples: lobster rolls, cannolis, Italian in the North End and Boston Cream Pie. With only three days, there was a lot more eating we could have done but like every trip, we simply ran out of time. Here are all the places we tried and honest reviews of everything we ate in Boston and the greater Boston area.

This restaurant was right next to our hotel in Boston and since we got in kind of late, decided to try it for convenience sake.

The food is all Mexican based – tacos or bowls. The bowls come with rice and beans and I decided on the brisket bowl.

It was good, but standard – I honestly think you get a better flavor at Chipotle. Definitely over priced for the food you get – we ended up paying almost $60 for two. I know Boston is expensive but we had other meals that were much better and $15 less than this one.

Grab it if you’re in a hurry or just looking for something close, but don’t expect more than mediocre.

Cheers Bar
I know, it’s a tourist trap. But we had to eat here since it was our first time in Boston. My expectations weren’t super high, but it was actually pretty good!

There wasn’t a wait when we went and we got seated right away. Our burgers were reasonably priced and the portion sizes were better than expected. Service was great as well and the Boston Cream Pie we got for desert just melted in your mouth. One of my favorite things I got the entire time in Boston.

Wen’s Noodle & Ramen
This spot happened to catch our eye when looking for someplace to eat near Boston Commons.

My husband got the chicken curry – he didn’t love it. I tried it and thought it was a little bland. I got the pork steam dumplings and a classic boba. The steam dumplings were good and filled you up. I would try them again! My favorite here was the boba.

Probably not a spot for picky eaters, but worth a stop and I’d also like to try their ramen.

Mike’s Pastry
This was such a fun experience! Even though the line was out the door, the staff in Mike’s Pastry have the process down to a science – we probably weren’t in line more than 10 minutes. We tried two cannolis – the classic chocolate chip and a chocolate filled pastry.

Both were delicious and one was definitely enough for me to finish. I loved the sweet filling, crunchy fried shell and dusting of powdered sugar. An absolute treat and a must visit if you are in Boston.

They are cash only, so be sure to take some with you when you order.

Ristorante Saraceno
Delicious pasta meal in Boston’s North End! We got seated right away even though it was a Friday night. So many things to choose from on the menu, but decided on a classic: ravioli with bolognese sauce.

Generous portions and the ravioli was swimming in that warm, savory sauce. The pasta was filled with ricotta cheese that paired well with the bolognese.

Would definitely eat here again next time I’m in Boston.

The only reason Wahlburgers is so popular is because it has star power behind it. Don’t get me wrong – the food wasn’t bad, but it was very generic and there are much better options out there.

I got a classic cheese burger along with an order of cheesy bacon tots. The tots were actually my favorite, which probably should be the opposite reaction at a place that’s got burger in the name.

We had good service and I was glad to try it once, but definitely won’t go out of my way to eat here again.

The White Bull Tavern
This was one of the few places on a busy Saturday night that we were able to get seated without a wait! Located close to Faneuil Hall Marketplace, this is also just steps away from Boston’s North End.

We tried a variety of things – a watermelon mojito, Brussels Sprouts and a Maine Hot Lobster Roll. The mojito was sweet and the waitress said they freshly make their watermelon puree seasonally and in house. I think if I hadn’t had food to go along with it, I would have definitely felt it! The Brussels Sprouts were crispy and topped with a generous portion of thick cut bacon – my only complaint about them was they were a little on the bitter side. We shared a hot Maine Lobster Roll as well. Seafood is not my favorite and I found the texture a little weird with the lobster, but the taste was good. My husband seemed to enjoy it and said it was one of the best things he had eaten in Boston.

Tasty Burger
I expected this to be another standard burger joint, but ended up pleasantly surprised. You rarely find chicken Parmesan sandwiches on the menu, so I was excited to try it.

Two yummy fried chicken pieces are topped with marinara and cheese and placed between a bun. It was hot, flavorful and a nice portion size.

There are probably other places in Cambridge that are more unique, but we were looking for something quick and convenient and this hit the spot.

There were lots of other places I would have loved to have tried in Boston, but due to time and just not being able to get in the door because of how popular they were at the time we were there, I’ll have to save them for next time. Do you have any favorites that I missed? Let me know in the comments! And if you want to see a video tour of all the food stops, check out my YouTube video linked below.

2 thoughts on “Boston Food Review

  1. Tricia

    November 9, 2021 at 5:48 pm

    I haven’t been to Boston forever but your food reviews make me want to go back! I spend a lot of time traveling to Pittsburgh and love the ethnic food diversity they have there compared to Indy, especially small businesses. Boston seems a lot like that as well.

    1. Kelly

      November 9, 2021 at 9:36 pm

      I haven’t spent any time in Pittsburgh- mights have to check their food scene out!

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