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Millicent and her husband live an upscale life in a gated Orlando community. She’s one of the top real estate agents in the city; he’s a pro tennis coach at an elite country club. They have two beautiful, smart children and life is good.

Things may seem normal to outsiders looking in on their lives and marriage, but Millicent and her husband have a dark and twisted secret: they enjoy murdering young women.

Somewhere along the way, the couple who had it all got bored. Forget date night out on the town without the kids – this couple turned to murder to spice up their marriage. And it became an addiction.

“The world is filled with things I can’t do and can’t afford, from houses to cares to kitchen equipment, but this, this, is how we can be free,” the husband (also the book’s narrator) says. “This is the one thing that is ours, that we control.”

Murdering started off so easy – find a target, stalk them, kidnap the victim, and dispose of the body. Then Millicent changed things up, leaving one of the victims strangled to death in a hotel and making it look like a famous local serial killer named Owen, who escaped conviction a few years prior to their deadly extracurricular activities, had returned.

Millicent says this will give them the perfect cover to continue the killing and no one will EVER suspect its them. They have no idea just how wrong she is and when the police begin looking into some of the murders they’ve committed, the neat little plan they’ve devised begins to unravel.

Heralded as Dexter meets Mr. & Mrs. Smith, this debut novel by Samantha Downing is a horrifying page turner you won’t want to look away from!

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