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Five Bookshops You Should Support During Quarantine

If you’re like me and just don’t love digital books because nothing beats the feel of holding a book in your hand, you’ll want to support these five independent bookshops while in quarantine. Then, when we can travel again, add them to your bookshop bucket list to visit in person! Wild Geese Bookshop Nestled in the quaint little town of Franklin, Indiana, Wild Geese Bookshop is an adorable cottage turned store that’s run by one […]

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Six shows to binge watch while you’re stuck at home

We’re on day two of our two week stay at home order and with rain in the forecast this weekend, the outside projects that have been keeping me busy and sane will just have to wait. I’ve been re-watching ER and iZombie, but am about to finish up the latter, so I’m definitely on the hunt for something new to watch soon. Here are a few shows I’d recommend for binge watching to anyone searching […]

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Five Fantasy Series You Should Read While Staying Home

Hopefully you’re staying home, staying healthy and safe while we figure this pandemic mess out – my library closed yesterday until further notice, so I’m home with some free time and plan to get caught up on my Goodreads reading goal. I’m several books behind (oops) so I believe I can get caught up in the next couple of weeks or however long the quarantine is going to last. You may be looking to catch […]

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Kelly Watches ‘The Goonies’

Back in January, I started a blog series where I watch a classic movie that everyone seems to have seen except for me. My first movie was “Top Gun” and today I’m taking on the childhood favorite, “The Goonies.” Released in 1985, the movie follows a group of friends on a treasure hunting adventure in a quest to find enough money so one of the boys in the group doesn’t have to move. Things go […]

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