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How We Spent One Day in Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is probably the most popular of all the Disney parks. All the iconic rides and sights are there – Cinderella’s Castle, It’s A Small World and the mountain rides. In non-COVID times, it’s also the best place to meet the characters or dine with them, however none of that is going on right now but you’ll still be able to see some characters from a distance! I spent one day in the park […]

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The Best Murals in Lafayette, Indiana

Lafayette, Indiana is best known for Purdue, but the mid-size Midwestern town has a lot of public art to offer. If you enjoy chasing murals like I do, you’ll want to stop in this college town for a few hours to check them all out. And the best thing – many of them are located very close to one another! I hope that you get the change to check out all the public art that […]

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Wild Geese Bookshop

Independent Book Store Day is just around the corner! Thanks to the pandemic, it was moved from its traditional date in the spring to August 29. If you’re like me, you love seeking out quaint little bookshops and often the best ones can be found in small towns. Wild Geese Bookshop, which opened in 2016, is nestled into the downtown area of Franklin, Indiana. The store gets its name from a poem of the same […]

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Library Card Catalog DIY

Owning a library card catalog has been one of those dreams I’ve had ever since I can remember. The library system I work for sold their four remaining units several years ago to staff, but names got picked out of a hat and sadly, mine wasn’t one of those. If you’ve never gone hunting for one, you’d probably be surprised to find out that they go for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars depending on […]

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Literary Themed Spots You NEED to Visit in Indianapolis

When you think about Indianapolis, you probably think about the Indianapolis 500 or the Colts. Maybe only cornfields come to mind. We are a “flyover” state after all. However, if you’re a punk ass book jockey like me, then you’re probably seeking out bookish related things in each city you visit. Well, I’m here to tell you that Indianapolis has got it going on when it comes to literary spots you should check out. Here […]

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