Book Review: Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer

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Prudence does not like Quint at all. And as fate would have it, they’re partners in science class where Prudence basically does all the work, ensuring they’ll get an A. So when the grades come back and a C mars her otherwise perfect record, she loses it. Her teacher agrees to let them have a do-over but only if they work together.

Quint wants no part of it, but after Prudence reluctantly agrees to volunteer her time at a local wildlife rehabilitation his mom runs, the two develop a plan to help the struggling rescue.

As Prudence is learning all about the wildlife and planning a Beach Clean-up fundraiser to help the rescue, she’s also discovering a new secret power that seemed to start after an evening singing karaoke: willing instant karma on those who are doing bad things. At first it seems like an amazing gift, but karma has a way of coming back around.

Just as it seems like Prudence and Quint are finally getting over their animosity toward each other, some money goes missing from their fundraising efforts and the rescue accuses her of stealing it. Determined to clear her name, Prudence sets out to reverse her bad luck and repair the relationships that became so important to her over the summer.

Full of Beatles references and just a tad bit of magic, this is a fun read with a lot of heart too. It’s also a very different book from Marissa Meyer! Even though her usual fantasy takes a back seat in this one, it’s nice to see she can write something in a different genre too.

I also really liked how Meyer took an important topic like environmental conservation, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and made it the framework for the story. It gives what would otherwise be a typical YA romance something substantial for readers to digest.

The only downfall to the story is that it’s fairly predictable – no real surprises or plot twists that readers won’t see coming, however that doesn’t detract from how enjoyable of a read Instant Karma was.

For fans of Sarah Dessen and Meg Cabot. Four out of five stars. I received an advanced reader copy through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Instant Karma hits shelves on Nov. 3rd. Pre-order or purchase a copy here.

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    Great review!

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