ZIPS Dry Cleaners: Eco-Friendly & Affordable!

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Earth Day is April 22nd and what better way to celebrate than kicking off a month long blog series about ways you can preserve our planet? Over the next four weeks I will be featuring  local Indianapolis businesses who are reusing, recycling, and changing things for the better in the community. I’ll also have a post on how shopping second hand and thrift store bargains can up your wardrobe game.

So let’s kick this eco-friendly series off by talking about Indy’s newest and coolest dry cleaning service – ZIPS!


Larry and Emma Frutkin moved to Indianapolis from Chicago to start ZIPS Dry Cleaning Service, and their first location on the north side just opened a few months ago. When you walk in, you will be amazed at how upscale ZIPS looks with lots of fresh, bright colors, a green wall and natural sunlight  – they are not your typical dry cleaning service!

Not only does ZIPS utilize a green, eco-friendly technology to clean your clothes but their prices are unbeatable – they will dry clean any garment for $2.29. And most of the time it’s a same day service.


ZIPS also uses biodegradable garment bags, has a recycling program for hangers and they e-mail you when your order is ready, so there’s no paper waste there either! They also offer a night drop, so you can drop off your garments at your convenience.


Emma likes to say that ZIPS is the “Target of dry cleaning” and the Frutkins plan to open at least five more locations in the Indianapolis area, as well as expanding to other cities around the state.


This year, ZIPS is also partnering with Project Prom at the Johnson County Public Library (a program that I help run) and we are so excited to be able to offer our teens an opportunity to get their prom dresses cleaned for $1.99!

If you don’t live in the Indianapolis area, yet want to utilize ZIPS earth friendly model, you might be in luck. ZIPS is popping up all over the United States with locations in California, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and several east coast states.


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