Thoughts on turning 35

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I’m turning 35 today.

It’s one of those ages where you aren’t exactly sure where you fit in – I certainly don’t feel old, but I can’t hang with the 18-year-olds anymore, that’s for sure. That’s becoming more and more apparent during general admission concerts, where I used to wait outside for hours, then stand for several more and not feel creaky the next day. If Hanson could play seated shows from here on out, that would be great!

And at 35, I finally feel like I can do my make-up, fix my hair and cook decent meals, yet it kind of makes you panic a bit because forty is looming closer every year! There’s still so much I haven’t accomplished that I want to do before hitting “middle-age.”

I still need to buy a house; I haven’t made it to all 50 states yet; Am I saving enough for retirement??

But then I look at all the things I HAVE done and I’m pretty proud of how the last 35 years have gone.

I got married! 


49/50 states have been checked off my bucket list.


I’ve also traveled to Canada, Mexico, England, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Iceland and some various islands in the Caribbean. 


Not only have I paid off student loan debt, but I’ve also paid off my car. 

I’ve found my tribe. 


Swam with dolphins.


Met Hanson. Multiple times. 


Donated hair (twice) to Locks of Love.


Was a 10-year 4-H member. 


Went on two mission trips in high school.


Saw the Cubs win the World Series.

Written book reviews for Indianapolis South magazine. 

I’ve earned two degrees! And I’m pretty proud of my Masters of Library Science and what it has allowed me to accomplish in my career. 


I’m sure I’m forgetting things, but these are just a few things that stand out to me when looking back over the years.

Here’s to the future and whatever God has in store for me!



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