A Look Back at the X-Files, Season 7

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The seventh season of the X-Files aired during  1999-2000 and many on the show thought it would be the final season of the series. However, it was renewed for an eighth but season seven would mark the final season that David Duchovney would appear as a main character in all the episodes.

While not as solid as previous seasons, season 7 still had many good episodes. You can definitely feel the end coming –  some major plots are wrapped up, including the revelation of what happened to Mulder’s sister Samantha.  Also, the romance between Mulder and Scully reaches a turning point in the season finale with a twist many probably didn’t see coming.

Here are a few noteworthy episodes from season 7:

-The Goldberg Variation
-Signs and Wonders
-Closure (make sure you have a tissue ready for this one!)
-First Person Shooter
-Brand X
-Fight Club
-Je Soulhaite

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