A Look Back at the X-Files, Season 6

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Season six of the X-Files picked up where the movie left off and focused on Mulder and Scully’s reassignment to other cases within the F.B.I. The agents, who had been taken off the X-files, still found themselves dealing with cases very much like what they had been working on before, much to the chagrin of the director of the F.B.I.

During season 6, production of the show left Vancouver and relocated to Los Angeles, giving a little bit brighter  appearance and tone to the show. We began to see more subtle hints of a potential Mulder/Scully romance and the episodes were a little more humorous than previous seasons.

There are also signs that the end of the series is approaching – major story lines were beginning to wrap up and answers to some of the show’s biggest alien conspiracy revealed.

This was also the season which contained the excellent episode, Drive,  featuring guest star Bryan Cranston that eventually led Vince Gilligan (producer on the X-Files and Breaking Bad) to cast him in the lead role of Walter White on Breaking Bad. This one is a MUST WATCH for fans of both shows!

Here are just a few other notable episodes from season 6:

Episode 4 & 5: Dreamland and Dreamland II
Mulder and Scully travel to Area 51, only to be detained by top secret government officials. A mysterious craft flies over as the agents are being confronted, causing Mulder and another official to switch bodies.

Episode 6: How the Ghost Stole Christmas
The agents investigate a haunted house and are tricked by ghosts into believing they are a real couple that murdered each other. Lily Tomlin guest stars.

Episode 8: The Rain King
A man claims he can make it rain at will and seems to be profiting off his supernatural ability to control the weather. However, things aren’t always as they seem and the agents discover it’s actually a local weatherman who can’t control his feelings over the woman he’s loved since high school.

Episode 13: Agua Mala
Mulder and Scully travel to Florida after an old friend of Mulder’s calls about something mysterious in the water. A hurricane is raging and with all the sea water coming in the pipes and up the drains a different kind of monster emerges.

Episode 15: Arcadia
The agents go undercover as a married couple and move to the suburbs where residents mysteriously keep disappearing.

Overall, this was another stellar season for the show. I’m currently about 10 episodes in to season 7 (and right back on schedule with the 201 days of X-files rewatch that has been happening on Facebook), so it shouldn’t be too long before I am finished and ready to recap again.

Happy watching!

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