A Look Back at the X-Files, Season 3

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In four short months, the newest installment in the X-Files will be here! I’m still on track with my re-watch and am confident I’ll complete the series by January 24th. I most recently completed season three, which originally aired on TV during the 1995-1996 season.

The third season of the show completes several plot lines that carried over from season two and introduced the alien virus black oil mystery in the underlying government cover-up of the alien conspiracy plot that runs throughout the course of the show.

Like I’ve said before, the stand alone monster of the week episodes are where the show really shines and season three boasts some really stellar stand alone episodes, which probably helped it win five Emmy awards that year. The most notable win was for the episode Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose, which guest starred Peter Boyle (Everybody Loves Raymond). Guest writer Darin Morgan, who also wrote my personal favorite, Humbug, returns for another fantastically written and hilarious episode, Jose Chung’s From Outer Space. Both Jesse Ventura AND Alex Trebek (!) show up as guest stars.

Also guest starring this season: Jack Black, Giovanni Ribisi, Jewel Staite (Firefly!), Ryan Reynolds, and BD Wong.

Standout episodes include:

Episode 3: D.P.O
Episode, 4: Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose
Episode 9: Nisei
Episode 10: 731
Episode 13: Syzygy
Episode 20: Jose Chung’s From Outer Space
Episode 23: Wetwired

As fall TV approaches, my re-watching may slow but I will hopefully be starting season 4 this week. Recap to follow when finished!

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