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It’s been a long time coming. Five years to be exact! I set out in the fall of 2019 to find the best pizza in Indianapolis, got side-tracked by a pandemic, busy with life returning to normal after a pandemic and finally knocked out the final three spots I needed to try in 2023. And just in time for National Pizza Month in October!

Pizza is truly not that hard to mess up. And arguably, anything can be a topping. The base is bread after all! Some of the places I enjoyed less than others, but you honestly can’t go wrong with any of these pizza joints. I’m sure I missed some spots – if I did, let me know in the comments and I’d love to add to this list!

Let’s get started, shall we?

King Dough
Everyone RAVES about this pizza spot in Fountain Square, but I found it to be mediocre. Maybe I didn’t get the right pizza (went with the classic margherita) and the flavors just weren’t there.

Greek’s Pizzaria

With several locations around the Indianapolis area, there’s likely a Greek’s near you! I love their pizza and it’s a go-to spot for lunch in the town of Franklin where I work. I love how crunchy the pepperoni is around the edges and the seasoning dust that gets baked into the crust. Delicious and a real contender for the best in Indianapolis!

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

Another local favorite, Jockamo also has several locations around Indianapolis. They have some unique options, like the taco pizza that’s pictured. I go back and forth between this one and the Caprese, but have liked all the pizzas I’ve tried here. They have a nice thin crust and use excellent ingredients!

Crafters Pizza & Drafthouse

Yes, I realize there is more than pizza in this photo, but Crafters also deserves a shout-out for their breadsticks and beer cheese queso. You must get it as an appetizer or side order with your pizza – it was so delicious!

The pizza is also excellent – such a wide variety of toppings and I highly recommend the hot honey drizzle. I added that to my pepperoni and it gave it an extra pizazz I didn’t know I needed!

Brozinni Pizzeria

New York style pizza right here in Indiana! Many people recommended that I try Brozinni’s Pizzeria, claiming it’s the best you’ll find in the Hoosier state. While I’m not sure that’s the case, it was a very solid pizza and the portion sizes are HUGE. I ate on it for days and there was something slightly different about their pepperoni that I really enjoyed.


HOLY SH*T is right.
This was my first time trying Detroit style pizza – I generally gravitate toward New York style, but this has been one of the best pizzas I’ve eaten in my entire life.

The crust was a combination of buttery, salty, crunchy and all around delicious. I think it even got better the next day!

Toppings were fresh, flavorful and mouthwatering. This was definitely my biggest surprise and I can’t wait to go back to try more combinations.

Futuro is a must-try pizza spot in Indianapolis!


Excellent thin crust pizza! Bazbeaux has several locations around Indy, so no matter what side of town you live on, there’s probably one not too far.

Great flavors with LOTS of different options to create your own or select from house options. This is the Bazbeaux special and I added sausage to it. The only thing that would have made it slightly better is adding red pepper flakes to give it just a td more flavor, but I really liked this pizza too.

So now that we’ve covered pizza, tacos and a few iconic Indianapolis eats, what should be next? Burgers, ice cream or something else? Let me know what you’d like to see me eat next!

2 thoughts on “The Best Pizza in Indianapolis

  1. Laura

    November 4, 2023 at 7:20 pm

    Hot take, but Pizza King is the BEST pizza in Indianapolis!! 😉
    If you’re going for more gourmet, then Bazbeaux is the best in my opinion (as a former local!)

    1. Kelly

      November 4, 2023 at 7:41 pm

      I have never had Pizza King!

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