The Best Murals in Tucson

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The amount of public art in the southwest city of Tucson is staggering. Everywhere you turn, there’s a brightly painted mural on a building and many are beautiful representations of the local culture and heritage. During my recent trip, I tried to find as many as I could, but obviously ran out of time to see them all! Theses were a few of my favorites, but if you want a more detailed overview, check out this link!

“Goddess of Agave”. Location: 440 N. 7th Ave. Artist: Rock Martinez
Lisa Frank warehouse. 6760 Lisa Frank Ave.
Location: Hotel McCoy, 720 W. Silverlake Road. Artist: Jessica Gonzales.
“Crested Eclipse” Location: 536 N. 4th Ave. Artist: Jessica Gonzales.
“Wild for the Night” Location: 2610 N. Stone Ave. Artist: Chris Miller.
“Lunar Moth Selfie Wall” Location: Anamax Park, 17501 S. Camino de las Quintas. Artist: Wagon Burner Arts.
“Sonoran Sunset” Location & artist same as above.
“The Messenger” Same location and artist as above.
“The Land Rests” Same location and artist as above.
“Sam & Sarah, Page 22” Location: same as above. Artist: Isaac Caruso.
“Greetings from Tucson” Location: 406 N 6th Ave. Artist: Greetings Tour.
“Earthbound” Location: 5055 E. Speedway. Artist: Ignacio Garcia.
“Blue Quail and Oranges” Location: 9 N. Scott Ave. Artist: Isaac Caruso.
“Tucson Together” Location: 278 E. Congress St. Artist: Jessica Gonzales.
“Heart of Tucson” Location: 54 East Pennington St. Artist: Lex Gjurasic.
I can’t find info on this one!
“Epic Rides” Location: 534 N. Stone Ave. Artist: Joe Pagac.
“Tucson Welcomes You” Location: 1010 E. Broadway Blvd., Artist: Ignacio Garcia.

These murals are all from Hotel McCoy! You can read more about the artists here.

“Bill Walton riding a Jackalope” Location: 318 E. Congress. Artist:  Ignacio Garcia.
“We Wish You Heaven” Location: 318 E. Congress.. Artist: Joe Pagac
“Vergiss” Location: 178 E. Broadway Blvd., Artist: Fin DAC.

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