The Best Murals in Lafayette, Indiana

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Lafayette, Indiana is best known for Purdue, but the mid-size Midwestern town has a lot of public art to offer. If you enjoy chasing murals like I do, you’ll want to stop in this college town for a few hours to check them all out. And the best thing – many of them are located very close to one another!

You can find this colorful mural on the top floor of the parking garage just off 2nd street. Painted by Linette, this is such a fun piece and also gives you a great view of downtown and West Lafayette.
The West Lafayette Public Library has a fun mural just outside their main entrance. Artist Craig Martin painted authors names into the design of the mural, so you’ll have to look close to see the nods to Lewis Carol, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Dr. Seuss and more! Find this one at: 208 W. Columbia Street.
This large catfish mural is part of a project called Wabash Walls. Many of the murals in this post are along the same art corridor off Wabash. Just drive along it and you will see so many beautiful pieces. This one was painted by Fasm Creative.
These two are part of the same piece! I just LOVE the elephant and interactive murals are my favorites. Painted by Cameron Moberg, you can find both of these at 316 Ferry Street.
Painted by Nicole Salgar and part of the Wabash Walls murals.
Painted by Jenna Morello. Part of Wabash Walls.
Painted by Sandra Fettingis as part of Wabash Walls. This is someone’s house, so be respectful of that.
Painted by Ms. Yellow. Located at 201 Mechanic Street.
Painted by Anthony Brooks. Located next to the Peacock Mural.
Painted by Max Sansing. Part of Wabash Walls.
Painted by Nico. Part of Wabash Walls.
Jiffy Lube Mural. Painted by Craig Martin. Located at 2 S. Earl Street.
Artist: Cameron Moberg. Part of Wabash Walls.
Artist: CERA. Close to the Peacock Mural.
Ok, so TECHNICALLY, this is not in Lafayette. But it’s on the way up from Indianapolis, so I stopped and got a pic with it anyway. Located at the Titus Bakery in Lebanon, IN and painted by Blice Edwards.

I hope that you get the change to check out all the public art that Lafayette and West Lafayette has to offer. There are many sculptures around the towns too that are worth stopping to look at. And if you want more information on the Wabash Walls project, take a look at the Tippecanoe Mural Art Initiative web site for even more up to date mural information.

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  1. Lorraine Williams

    June 4, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    I absolutely loved looking at all the beautiful murals today as we drove to the downtown area, Amazing talent!

    1. Kelly

      June 4, 2021 at 9:25 pm

      They have some beautiful ones!

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