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As usual, my “Best Albums of 2019” list is dominated by the female artists: Maren, Taylor, Miranda and P!nk all put out stellar efforts this year. Sara Barellies returned from a long musical hiatus to drop another gorgeous lyric and piano driven masterpiece and the Jonas Brothers make a comeback I didn’t know I needed.

Here are my favorite albums of 2019, in no particular order!

GIRL – Maren Morris


In her follow up to 2016’s HERO, Maren Morris returns with this slick, radio ready country-pop infusion. The lead track “GIRL” is an anthem for any female who’s felt down about herself and needs a confidence boost.

If you’re a music lover, “A Song for Everything” will bring tears to your eyes as it’s literally the incarnation of how music can hit you right in the heart. “The Bones”, which is Morris’ current single, reminds us that if you have a solid foundation to your relationships, when trials come at you, nothing can shake it.

Often, when an artist has a brilliant first album, the second one will feel rushed or sloppy in order to push something out to keep riding the wave. Morris took her time between albums and delivers a very solid second effort.
Songs to download: Girl, A Song for Everything, The Feels, RSVP, The Bones

Amidst the Chaos – Sara Bareilles

It’s been a while since Sara Bareilles has put out new music. Sara_Bareilles_-_Amidst_the_ChaosShe’s been a BIT busy over on Broadway with her hit musical, The Waitress. Six years in between albums didn’t dull her writing skills though and with Amidst the Chaos, Bareilles continues churning out some of the best piano and lyric driven songs in the industry.

“Fire” opens up the album, which contains several songs inspired by current events like the #MeToo movement ( “Armor”), immigration crisis (“A Safe Place to Land”) and former President Obama (“No Such Thing”).

Amidst the Chaos is less radio friendly than her previous efforts, but it’s still a musical gem of 2019. Songs to download: Fire, Armor, If I Can’t Have You, Wicked Love

Fine Line – Harry Styles

NINTCHDBPICT000537008236The former lead singer of One Direction has done it again! Somehow Harry Styles has gone from boyband pop to retro mood music and it’s pure perfection. Styles follows in the same vein as his self-titled debut solo album, dialing in on the 60s/70s easy melodies with many of the songs on Fine Line.

Every song hits the right notes and as a Swiftie, I can forgive him for releasing this album on Taylor Swift’s 30th Birthday because it’s just that perfect. (C’mon, you know he did it intentionally!) Expectations were high for this one and it delivers. Songs to download: Golden, Watermelon Sugar, Fine Line, Adore You

Let’s Rock – The Black Keys

The Black Keys returned in 2019 after a five year hiatus to let everyone know that rock is not 220px-The_Black_Keys_-_Let's_Rockdead. Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have created another jam with Let’s Rock, and if you don’t find yourself singing along to “Shine A Little Light” and “Lo/Hi”, then there’s something seriously wrong with you.

There’s nothing earth shattering about the lyrics, but sometimes you just want a feel-good album to bop to in the car and on that level, this delivers.

Songs to download: Lo/Hi, Shine a Little Light, Eagle Birds, Go


Wildcard – Miranda Lambert

5dc35ae2a4eb8.imageThe old Miranda is back! After a double album dealing with major heartbreak following her divorce from Blake Shelton, Wildcard marks a return to her signature country/rock style and is easily one of the best albums of 2019. “Way Too Pretty for Prison” is a tongue-in-cheek update on the Dixie Chick’s “Goodbye Earl” that finds Lambert dueting with Maren Morris about how they’d rather hire someone to kill their cheating exes because the color of the orange jumpsuits washes them out.

Elsewhere, “Bluebird” finds her looking to the future instead of dwelling on the past on the hauntingly simple tune. That sentiment carries over to “Dark Bars” as well, but on “Mess with my Head”, Lambert turns the volume up to 10, relying on a pounding chorus and rock guitars to drive the point home.

Is it possible for her to make a bad album? I’m beginning to think not. Songs to download: just download the whole album 🙂

Happiness Begins – Jonas Brothers

There was a time when I would have felt like putting an album by the Jonas Brothers on b1af208c-10f8-49ce-b56c-8795ec152194-JonasBrothersthis list. But the beef seems to be settled between Hanson fans and JoBro fans  – at least in my mind it is.

Happiness Begins is a lovely little pop/R&B album that this casual Jonas Brothers listener didn’t know she needed. How can you not sing along to “Sucker”, “Cool” or “Only Human?” And the rest of the album is pretty catchy too. Only a couple songs are worth skipping. Nick, as usual, is the standout brother

Songs to download: Only Human, Cool, Don’t Throw it Away, Trust


Lover – Taylor Swift

downloadIt’s a new era for TSwift – gone is the darker, angrier version found on 2017’s Reputation. This Taylor Swift is letting go of the things that haunted her, embracing turning thirty and if her lyrics are as autobiographical as I think they are, madly in love with (perhaps), The One.

Lover is, quite simply, a rainbow of colors and sounds. It’s lighter, more carefree and mature compare to some of her other efforts, yet still has that same glossy pop exterior that sells millions. And in an era where singles are king, this is a cohesive album that tells a story starting with song one.

A lot of critics say it’s her best work yet; I’m not sure I agree because unlike her last three albums, there are a couple songs that I skip. However, this one is easily my favorite release of 2019. Songs to download: I Forgot That You Existed, Cruel Summer, Lover, False God, Paper Rings

Hurts 2B Human – P!nk

This album from one of the best performers out there right now, came out quietly Pink_-_Hurts_2B_Humanin the spring. It debuted at number one on the charts, but really didn’t seem to make much of a splash on the radio, which is a shame because there are some really solid songs on P!nk’s eighth studio album.

Hurts 2B Human is a return of sorts to older P!nk – some of the songs sound like they could have come off her debut album, while others delve into uncharted territory like her duet with country’s Chris Stapleton.

Another solid effort from an artist that doesn’t get enough credit for her songwriting, singing and vocal performances. Songs to download: Hustle, (Hey Why) Miss You Sometime, Hurts 2B Human and My Attic.

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    December 18, 2019 at 1:17 pm

    I never thought I’d hear this coming out of my mouth, but I love the song “Sucker” by the JBs!! Great post, Kelly!!

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