Book Review: The Rosie Project

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Don Tillman is a brilliant Australian geneticist who has had a successful career as a professor and researcher at the university. But he’s now in his forties, still single and feels like he’s missing something in his life. Don isn’t especially good with people. He suffers from Asperger’s, has some pretty quirky habits and he approaches relationships scientifically and devoid of all emotion.

But he’d still like a companion and even though he has some quirks, he believes his IQ, social status, good health and financial stability makes him a good mate. So he enlists the help of his good friends Gene and Claudia and embarks on “The Wife Project.”

Enter Rosie. She’s all wrong by Don’s standards – her hair is dyed, she dresses sloppy, she sometimes smokes and she’s always late. Yet there’s still something that pulls him toward her and the two find themselves spending quite a bit of time together.

The Rosie Project isn’t your typical romance novel but it’s still a fun, lighthearted love story. Don Tillman’s personality is very much like Sheldon Cooper  from The Big Bang Theory and as you read the book, you can’t help but draw comparisons between the relationship of Don and Rosie to that of Sheldon and Amy.

This isn’t the best book you will ever read but if you’re looking for something light and fluffy to take to the beach and escape, The Rosie Project will do the trick.

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