A Look Back at the X-Files, Season 5

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The fifth season of the X-Files is the series at its very best best. Airing during the 1997 -1998 TV season, the entire season was planned out in advance with the story arc leading up to the series first feature length film, Fight the Future. The movie hit theaters during the summer of 1998, shortly after the season five finale and synced with the season six TV premier.

Season five was the most watched season of the series, averaging around 20 million viewers per episode. Agent Scully had recovered from her battle with cancer and Mulder is losing his faith in the existence of the extraterrestrial. The show also introduces some new agents and Luke Wilson guest stars in one of the best episodes of the entire nine seasons.

With so many stellar episodes in this season, I recommend watching every single one of them! But if you are limited on time, here are a few that should be on your must-watch list:

Episode 3 – Unusual Suspects
In this episode, we learn how Mulder meets those quirky three guys known as the Lone Gunman. This is also the 100th episode in the series.

Episode 5 – The Post Modern Prometheus
Shot entirely in black and white (and set in Indiana!), this episode is both hilarious and heartbreaking and a beautiful homage to old Hollywood and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Episode 9 – Schizogeny
Killer trees! Need I say any more?

Episode 10 – Chinga
Written by Stephen King, Agent Scully is vacationing in Maine when she stumbles upon a case involving a killer doll.

Episode 12 – Bad Blood
Gillian Anderson’s favorite episode of the series, Bad Blood finds Mulder and Scully investigating vampirism in Texas. The story is told from both main character’s viewpoints and is one of the funnier episodes in the series. Luke Wilson guest stars.

Episode 16 – Mind’s Eye
Nominated for several Emmy Awards, Mind’s Eye is another stellar episode and ranks in my personal top 10 of all time for the show. Written by Tim Minnear (Heroes!), the story follows a blind woman who sees murders happen through the eyes of the killer.

Episode 17 – All Souls
Agent Scully’s faith is tested as she is forced to investigate the death of a young woman who may not be from this world.

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