Cute & Casual Valentine’s Day Looks

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! I’ve never made a big deal about the holiday – it’s fun to go out to eat and get your significant other candy, but huge, grand gestures are just not my thing.

I do however love to bust out the heart print things! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite outfits that celebrate the occasion – some of these pieces I’ve had in my closet for years, but I’ve tried to link things that are similar in my ShopStyle widget on the right hand side of my post.

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My First Time at DryBar

My sister was in town visiting from Wyoming and on a whim, I asked her if she’d want to check out the new Drybar in town before the Miranda Lambert concert we were planning to go to last Saturday night. Both of us thought a little pampering sounded fun and relaxing, so I booked an appointment online and was super excited to try them out.

If you’ve never head of Drybar before, it’s a salon that specializes in blowouts – no cuts or color, just style. They’ve been around for a while in bigger markets but are starting to expand to medium size cities and just opened their Indianapolis location near the Fashion Mall, so it’s in a great location for a girls weekend.

The salon itself is very clean looking with lots of lighting and mirrors so you’re able to see exactly what’s going on. When we first got there, we met our stylists, then went over our hair type, the products they use and selected a style. I chose the Mai Tai, which is beachy waves. Since we were going to a concert and it was very hot and humid, I picked a style that I thought would hold up well in those conditions.

Then it was time for a wash! That was really relaxing, especially since you get a mini head massage while your hair is being washed and conditioned.

It was back to the chair after that for their unique drying/styling process. Drybar stylists actually curl your hair while they are drying, using a round brush and some wrist techniques that I’d love to learn at home. It was really fun to watch and your hair looks so pretty even before they get to the styling portion of your appointment.

My stylist used large rollers to set the blow dry style before using a flat iron to give me the beachy waves. Then as an extra bit of flare, I got a dutch braid on the side where my bangs are growing out.

Both our styles turned out so cute and I can’t wait to go back some other time! Thank you to Drybar for making our girls weekend that much more fun 🙂

I’m on Poshmark!

I recently cleaned out both my closets and as I was purging them and preparing to take them to the consignment shop like usual, I discovered Poshmark. If you aren’t familiar with it, Poshmark is an app that allows you to sell clothes from your closet at prices YOU set. Buyers can make you offers or trade you something if you like things in their closet and want to swap.

For listings over $15, Poshmark takes 20% of your earnings. Kind of steep but really no different than the consignment shop. Anything under $15 and it’s a flat fee of $2 and some change. Shipping is incredibly easy – the buyer pays a flat rate of $5.95, Poshmark e-mails you a shipping label and you just slap it on a box and drop it in the mail. Super easy!

If someone likes more than one item in your closet, they can bundle them into one transaction. Some sellers will offer a small discount as an incentive to bundle. Usually the shipping label will cover the cost but if not, it’s up to the seller to pay the difference.

So how is it working for me? I’ve been on there for about two weeks and have listed about 60 items. So far I’ve made around $100!! I’ve been selling multiple items daily. Once your buyer has received their package, they have to accept it and then your funds are released to you and you can use them toward clothing on Poshmark or transfer to your bank account. The only negative experience that I’ve had was when a buyer reported that her package wasn’t delivered. Poshmark opened a case for the item and then things got a little strange. The next day I was notified the buyer reported the item as “not as described and soiled” (which was false, by the way). Whatever photos she submitted must not have backed her claims up because Poshmark ruled in my favor and I got my money. I have no idea if she really received the package or not but it worked out in my favor.

When choosing items to list, I picked things that were almost new or in like new condition. So far anything PINK by Victoria’s Secret, Converse, and American Eagle are the most popular. All of the things in my Poshmark closet are items that don’t fit me right anymore, I never wear or after wearing a few times, I decided I didn’t like the material/fit after all. Pictures are important too – take your photos in good lighting and if your items are too small to model or you don’t have a good place to hang them, see if you can find an old photo of the item online from the store you purchased it at. You’d be surprised at how long images hang around on Pinterest and Google.

How does it compare to other online sites? I’d say I’ve been more successful with Poshmark than anything else I’ve tried. I sent a few things to Thread Up and they barely took anything I sent them. I didn’t get the items back that they didn’t take because I thought they’d take most of them and chose not to have them sent back. So I lost outon that one. Ebay is hit or miss with clothes – shoes do better for me there. Plato’s Closet has always hated my stuff for some reason and consignment shops tend to be extremely picky but what I do take there always sells.

Hopefully this has helped some of you thinking of using the app – it’s been a good experience so far! And if you’re already on there, I’d love to follow you and see your closet! Here are just a few pictures of some of my listings. and you can shop the rest at this link: