Book Review: What Happened by Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton was poised to become the first female President in the history of the United States. And then, she didn’t. Most of the nation was shocked and even after almost a year, a lot of her supporters are still trying to come to terms with her defeat. In her own words, Clinton shares personal reflection on where things went wrong and how she felt in the aftermath of an astounding campaign defeat. The book […]

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Conservatives – Please Don’t Vote for Donald Trump

I get it – we’re all tired of the direction the country is heading. The Constitution is being destroyed, political correctness is getting us killed and our rights and freedoms are slowly being taken away. Our elected representatives are letting us down and “The Establishment” Republicans talk the talk but don’t vote the right way when it really counts. So for those of you who are looking for someone outside the norm to take us […]

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