Copycat Starbucks Medicine Ball Tea Recipe

I don’t like coffee. So for the longest time, I never even set foot in a Starbucks. Then sometime in college, I got a gift card so I discovered strawberry frappachinos. While I really don’t like those anymore, I DO enjoy the “medicine ball” tea which is on the secret Starbucks menu.

But at $3+ a cup, that can get pretty pricey, especially during the harder economic times. So I did a little trial and error, researched what other people were doing to make it at home and came up with this extremely easy substitute that not only tastes just like it, but is something you can make right at home while you’re quarantined and craving your Starbucks fix.

Here’s what you will need:
-Teavana Teas in Jade Citrus Mint and Peach Tranquility (can be found at Kroger or Amazon)
-Lemonade (I like Simply Lemonade and the strawberry flavor also tastes really good with this)
-Honey (optional)

How to make it:
-Mix 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup lemonade and microwave until hot.
-Steep one bag of the Jade Citrus and one bag of the Peach Tranquility in the hot water/lemondade mixture.
-Add honey to taste

There you go! It’s that easy to recreate a pretty spot on Starbucks Medicine Ball right from your own home and if you’re like me, you enjoy it whether or not you’re feeling under the weather.

Library Card Catalog DIY

Owning a library card catalog has been one of those dreams I’ve had ever since I can remember. The library system I work for sold their four remaining units several years ago to staff, but names got picked out of a hat and sadly, mine wasn’t one of those.

If you’ve never gone hunting for one, you’d probably be surprised to find out that they go for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars depending on size. I didn’t think I’d find one or even be able to afford one if I did. But I got lucky.

Back in May, another member of the Indy Blog Society posted a link her her blog, Two Twenty One, and I was causally scrolling through posts when one about a card catalog stopped me dead in my tracks. I commented on her post in the group and said how jealous I was that she found one on Craigslist for only $85.

Shortly after that, she messaged me and gave me some fabulous news – a friend of hers had one that was just sitting in her garage and she thought she might want to sell it.


My librarian heart was exploding.

The friend uncovered it in her garage and sent pictures. Then, silence. I kept asking, but couldn’t really get a response about price or if I could come get it. Months went by and finally, at the beginning of Sept. as we were about to close on our new house, I sent one last message and FINALLY got confirmation that she’d sell it to me for $100. I immediately went up to her house and somehow got it in my car and up the apartment stairs (these things are heavy, people).


It didn’t have a top or a side and wasn’t on a stand. So it needed some work, but I knew I could handle it. My brother-in-law brought up the sander and we got the frame done in about an hour, then went to Home Depot to get some boards cut.

Let me tell you, that was the worst part of this whole experience. No one would wait on us. We literally stood around for 30 minutes waiting on an employee to finish a personal conversation with some people in the store before going to find someone else that could possibly cut some boards for us. When we finally did, they were rude and for some reason thought I was trying to build the thing from scratch even though I clearly told them what I needed. The boards finally got cut and guess what? The top wasn’t right. So Andrew took it back home with him to get a friend from work fix it so we could put the top on it. And guess what? It STILL didn’t fit. So back to Home Depot we went (because Menards didn’t cut wood) and this time found a piece that was the exact size we needed.

In the meantime, I sanded all the drawers, which took a lot longer than one would expect. There were eighteen in all and the drawer nobs also had to be taken out. I worked on it when I could and did most of it in the garage on a warmer winter day.

Then came the staining. I opted for a darker walnut color and put three coats on the entire piece. It really brought out the wood grain and looks absolutely stunning!

Once everything was stained, I sealed with a semi-gloss poly coating to protect the wood, then put the hardware back on. Here where I ran into another problem – there weren’t enough screws for the hardware! Thankfully, the hardware store had some that were pretty close to what came with the unit. I’m not sure where the remaining screws went since the drawer pulls weren’t on it at the time I acquired it so I’m wondering if they just got lost somewhere.

Doesn’t this just look stunning?

Then the only thing left to do was put on the legs. I bought black hairpin legs off Amazon that I thought would look nice – they were around $50 for a set of four 28” legs. Since I’m using the card catalog as an accent table, I wanted some that were a little taller and these were just the right height.

We started to drill the screws in without pre-drilling the holes and that was a no go. After pre-drilling all of them, it was really easy to just use a screw driver and attach the legs that way. If you try this yourself, I recommend pre-drilling to make it so much easier.

Once the legs were on, I just had to stain that final top piece and coat it with poly and the project was finished! It looks beautiful in the space and I’m so happy with how it turned out. It’s just the way I envisioned it.



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DIY Coffee Table

My old hand-me-down coffee table recently broke. I really didn’t like it too much anyway but at the time, needed something and as a poor college student, I couldn’t afford something new. So this was the perfect opportunity to get something more my style!

I had an idea of what I wanted but everything online that was similar to what I was wanting was super expensive or you had to put together yourself – something neither my husband nor I are very good at. And I didn’t want an un-sturdy table.

So I started checking with local places and getting quotes about a custom build and paint job. It was going to run me about $500, which I still didn’t want to pay. THEN, I found a perfect table on Facebook Marketplace (of all places) and the lady who built it said she could do a custom piece for me and leave the wood natural so I could stain and paint it myself. And she only charged me $100. SCORE!

My brother-in-law offered to teach me how to stain and I used these plans to get my final look.

Here’s the table in its natural state.

We sanded it again, even though the builder did a pretty good job herself.

To achieve the stained top, I used Minwax in Early American. It took three coats. We then used a clear semi-gloss protective coating over that. I also used three coats of that.

Here’s the top!

Next, it was time to paint. I bought chalk paint, which is super easy to work with and dries incredibly fast. Those came from a local shop called Simplify. I wanted to support local businesses as much as I could with this project. They sell Debi’s Design Diary brand chalk paint, which you can buy online.

For the base coat, I used the color Weathered Wood. It only took one coat and I painted it inside since chalk paint is odorless. It really looks good like this too and would be great for a guy’s apartment.

I let it dry overnight, then used the color Vintage Linen over the gray. I did very little distressing once that was dry and most of what you see showing through is just the way I painted it to give it a distressed look. For the distressing that I did do (mostly on the legs), I used a baby wipe. It works like a dream and you don’t have to mess with sandpaper.

Once the paint was dry, I sealed it with a wax coating that dries clear but protects the wood.

Please excuse the terrible lighting and ugly carpet – we still live in an apartment so it’s hard to take amazing home photos but this table really makes the space look so much better. I can’t wait until we own our own home and can put it in our future living room!

If you have any questions about this process, please let me know. I am excited to try some more DIY projects in the future.