2022 Indiana State Fair Food Guide

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The Indiana State Fair kicked off on Friday, July 29th! This year’s theme is Celebrating Automotive Excellence – whether it’s four wheels or four legs, the fair will recognize over 100+ years of transportation with everything from automobiles to horse driven buggies.

Along with free concerts, a mullet contest, hot air balloon glow, 4-H exhibits and midway rides, you’ll find the Taste of the Fair. Twenty-two all new food and drink items have been added to the line-up with 140 different food vendors.

Download the official Taste of the Fair map here and start planning your foodie adventure. This is your ultimate 2022 Indiana State Fair Food Guide!

Taste of the Fair – What’s New?

The State Fair Charcuterie “board” is a collection of quintessential fair foods all in one package. Two mini funnel cakes, cotton candy, caramel corn, salt water taffy and mini corn dogs complete this tasty charcuterie. Everything here was excellent except for the funnel cakes – they were crunchy and didn’t appear to be fresh when I got them, but overall, one of my favorite new additions for 2022.
Cost: $13.
Where to find it: inside the Ag building next to the Midway.

Mint Cookie Milkshake combines two of my favorite things: ice cream and Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies! This shake, which is really more of a Wendy’s Frosty consistency, hits the spot on a hot day. It’s simple, but refreshing and sure to sell out as things often do at the Dairy Barn. My only complaint is that the cookies aren’t mixed in – instead you are given a small container of the crushed Thin Mints to mix in yourself. I would have preferred everything to be blended together and topped with a whole cookie. Still a must try though!
Cost: $4.50
Where to find it: the Dairy Barn

Lemon Shake Up Canned Cocktail. This one is for the adults who want to take their lemon shake up to another level. Unfortunately for me, it fizzled out. I didn’t like the taste of the gin paired with the carbonated lemon soft drink and it left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. If you’ve been looking forward to it, definitely try it for yourself. Taste is subjective!
Cost: $12.
Where to find it: Several locations around the fairgrounds. Refer to the map for exact information!

Pit-tatoes. Pulled pork, baby potatoes, cheese, sour cream and jalapeños make up this dish and it’s a meal all on it’s own! This was also a home run for me – the potatoes were perfectly cooked and the pork and cheese absolutely delicious. Think an elevated baked potato. I wasn’t able to finish this after eating all the other things, so I took it home and added some cajun seasoning to it and that took it to another level.
Cost: $11.
Where to find it: Indiana Pork Producers.

For My Next Visit

It’s impossible to eat everything on your own, so I left with a list of things to try if I am able to make it back before the fair ends on August 21st. I was disappointed that my very favorite fair booth, Da Portable Rican wasn’t there this year. If you see them out and about, make sure you try something from their booth!

I also want to grab my favorite funnel cake from the gourmet funnel cake stand. They are hands down the best and I love their birthday cake flavor.

Have you had any of these 2022 Taste of the Fair Foods? Let me know and leave a comment below on what you though!

(Images courtesy of the Indiana State Fair)

Be sure to also check out my YouTube video to help you start planning your ultimate foodie adventure with this 2022 Indiana State Fair Food Guide!

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