A Female Conservative’s Take on Indiana’s New Abortion Bill

A few weeks ago, Indiana’s Gov. Mike Pence signed a new abortion bill into law, angering feminists and pro-choice advocates across the country. Under HEA 1337, abortions based on gender, race, and disability are now illegal in the state and fetal remains from both abortions and miscarriages are required by law to be either cremated or buried.

Similar to other states, women seeking an abortion in Indiana will also have a waiting period of 18 hours (less than one day) between when she is educated about her options and when she chooses to have an abortion. Doctors performing the procedures must have admitting privileges to a hospital in the county where abortions are being performed, in a contiguous county or the hospital must have a written agreement with the physician with admitting privileges.

If a woman wants an abortion because they find they are carrying a child with a disability or were hoping for a girl instead of a boy and a doctor grants her the abortion, it’s the doctor who  will be held liable and charged, not the patient.

Immediately following the signing of the bill, social media erupted with the usual outrage:

My body my choice!
Old, white men making health care decisions for women again!
Demeaning to women!
Lacks compassion!
Women’s rights in Indiana are dead!
Pence wants women to die in the streets from performing their own abortions!

A new Facebook page sprung up called “Periods for Pence” and instead of women intelligently calling or writing the governor’s office to express their concerns, they’re calling him up to report details about their menstrual cycle. Some have even offered to send Gov. Pence their used tampons for testing to make sure they haven’t miscarried and it’s not just women from Indiana either – women from all over the country are calling in to report on their periods.

From one woman to another, I’d just like to say: ladies, you’re acting ridiculous.

What you aren’t hearing about is how this bill came about. Inspectors in Indianapolis found that a medical waste firm was improperly disposing of fetal remains so the state legislature began working on a bill that would address future issues.

As a conservative pro-life woman, I find little to be upset about with this bill and don’t believe for a second that it’s about men trying to have dominion over women’s bodies. That’s just language the left is using to fire up the pro-choice movement and keep you in their voting pocket. This bill is really about trying to protect innocent lives from being discriminated against. Yes, I know abortion is legal. That doesn’t make it right and Roe v. Wade should probably be re-visited because we’ve made a plethora of  scientific advancements in the last 43 years that should prove to doubters that fetuses really are human beings who need to be granted the same rights as those who have been born.

Because of horrendous cases like Kermit Gosnell, states SHOULD take a look at abortion clinics. Other medical clinics have restrictions in place and if you’re going to have an invasive procedure wouldn’t you want your doctor to have admitting privileges in case something goes wrong and you need to be rushed to the hospital? There are many other instances where Planned Parenthood has improperly disposed of fetal remains in Pennsylvania  and Georgia, just to name a few.

However, the miscarriage addition to the bill is troubling. Many times a woman miscarries even before she knows she is pregnant. It doesn’t always happen at a hospital and can pretty much happen anywhere, so for that reason, the bill needs to be amended to remove the language about miscarriages.

Many will argue with me that the entire bill needs to go because it’s not humane or fair for women to be forced to carry babies to term that have disabilities or may be stillborn. I hear you and I empathized with you but doctors are not always right. Why take a chance at ending a life that may turn out to be perfectly normal? And even if it isn’t, how sad is it that just because a baby may be born with down’s syndrome that a mother would want to take away that person’s chance at a loving home just because the baby isn’t perfect?

Instead of wasting tax payer’s dollars by calling government workers to let them know about your period, let’s all take a step back, take a deep breath and calm down the angry rhetoric and start having intelligent conversations. Even if you disagree with my position on the bill, you’ll get a lot more accomplished by maturely addressing your concerns.

And I bet our elected officials would take you more seriously too.


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